Global Career Seminar

The Global Career Seminar is a forum where groups of students from Canada or other countries and Japan come together to find solutions for problems that corporations and organizations have posted. Before the program starts, students are expected to view online lecture series and gain basic knowledge of international and Japanese business. Then, students from Canada and KGU gather to spend a week with their group members, meet with the corporations and organizations, and finalize their solutions. The seminar then culminates in a day of presentations given directly to representatives from the corporations and organizations, and hear from them feedback from an international standpoint. We expect to hold one seminar in Japan and another in Canada each year.


Global Career Seminar in Japan

  • Period: 10 days during early August (Japan seminar)
  • Venue: Kwansei Gakuin University

Global Career Seminar in Canada

  • Period: 7 - 10 days during late February (Canada seminar)
  • Venue: The University of Toronto

participant's voice

Andreea Timis, University of Toronto

My group had the pleasure of meeting a executive from a leading

global Japanese automobile manufacturer, and tried to solve a

human resources issue that they were really facing. I believe the

unique point of the CCC is that it is open to students even if they do not have a business background. This program taught me how businesses operate in Japan and expand across the globe, whichwas very beneficial for me, because I am interested in working for a multinational Japanese company. I am sure that the GCS will change your perspective on the world and you will become a wiser person in

general. I would highly recommend joining the CCC programs!