Certificate Program (CP)

The Certificate Program (CP) is a program that offers certificates to students from the Canadian universities and Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU). Students from the Canadian universities and KGU work collaboratively to find solutions to specific business issues through taking part in practical courses. All coursework is undertaken in English. A completion certificate will be issued by all 4 universities to students who have completed all of the required credits. 

Comment from CP Completer

Kelly Yoo, Mount Allison University

One day, my Japanese friend asked me, “How come you’re able to understand my English, but nobody else can?” I answered, “Maybe it’s because in the past I have shared many of experiences with many people from different backgrounds.”

I think that this is one instance of when I was really able to see the effects of the CCC. The CCC provided me with the opportunity to build up my understanding and capability to become a better leader and communicator. There is no doubt that it was a pivotal turning point in my life. I believe that problem solving ability, analytical ability, and good communication skills are very important in order to help me bear the future world.

I’m grateful that CCC has given me such skills that have become a big step forward for me in life.